Ada County Paramedic 17

Ada County Paramedics Station 17 is an extensive renovation and addition to a 1954 fire station in the historic North End neighborhood of Boise. The cost of the renovation was higher than the cost of a new building, however a new building would be too small to be feasible since the existing building is much larger than current zoning would allow. With a small addition, the total area is 2224 sf.

The renovation was approved by the Historic Commission, but does not follow any historic style. The design features flat roofs, horizontal lines, and "room scale" forms so the building fits in with the mostly small historic homes around it. A new "thin brick" facade was applied to allow an additional layer of insulation, bringing the total wall R value to 35.

All windows subject to solar exposure are shaded, and the shade provides a light shelf function in the day room to illuminate the ceiling and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Even starting with existing construction, the renovated building is projected to have 37% less energy use than a standard building. LEED certification is currently in process, with a target of Silver.