Bureau of Reclamation Upper Snake River Field Office

The 9450 sf Bureau of Reclamation Upper Snake River Field Office was a Design/Build competition entry in which McKibben + Cooper teamed with Wright Brothers Construction. It followed an environmentally conscious design philosophy.

Design: Elongated east-west facade that maximizes solar exposure; daylighting through light shelves, skylights, and program placement; passive heating and cooling through vegetation, passive heating of the floor slabs, and solar chimneys.

Materials: Exterior: Honed-finish bearing masonry in a warm color for durability and a quality appearance with an overall R value of 44. Windows are high-performance, prefinished aluminum with operable sections for ventilation, as well as incorporated light shelves. Interior: Floors are finished with high-recycled content carpet tile. Ceilings have a combination of high-recycled content acoustic ceiling tile and acoustic panels. These white surfaces are used as a light source when they are illuminated by the reflected light from the light shelves and the indirect suspended lighting.