Meridian Head Start Meridian, Idaho

The Meridian Head Start is one of two facilities that McKibben + Cooper Architects has designed for Friends of Children and Families. Both projects incorporated similar sustainable features and construction. The design and layout of the building focused on the transparency between the interior and exterior spaces and was accomplished through the use of a central piazza, clerestory windows and exterior light shelves, which maximized the daylight available to the interior. The building's heating needs are achieved with radiant floor and exhaust air heat recovery systems and the cooling is provided by high efficiency AC condensers. The exterior walls were constructed of a sustainable wood fiber and cement matrix system that was filled with concrete and the roof is of a high reflectance white material. The interior materials included linoleum floors, low VOC finishes, formaldehyde-free casework, sound absorptive tectum ceilings, carpet tiles of high recycled content and all wood was 1-1/2" thick Max. to help preserve old growth forests.