The Alzar School

The Alzar School is a leadership boarding school for high school students on a new 100-acre site along the Payette River, with views to east and west. The site had no utilities, so all were constructed as new, including a biomicrobial sewage treatment system. A new mile-long access road was also required. All buildings are located along the top edge of an existing 15' bench that runs North to South through the site to maximize views across the river valley to the west. All buildings also have an east-west orientation to maximize passive solar access. Student housing is provided by a series of yurts adjacent to the bathhouse.

The 4962 sf classroom building features clerestory windows to provide indirect classroom daylighting and reduce the need for artificial lighting, a 2-story dining room at the southwest corner to maximize daylight and views, and a student study loft.

The 1767 sf staff housing is designed as four one-bedroom apartments with large, south-facing windows and storage lofts over the entries.

The 737 sf solar bath house features a solar thermal water heating system with collectors located on the south facade where they are protected from snow.

The site is designed for additional buildings, including a second staff housing structure, a recreational building, and headmaster's residence.

The project won an AIA Idaho Design Award in 2014.