Lee Residence Boise, Idaho

The Lee Residence occupies a very steep lot in the Boise foothills with a change in elevation of 35 feet from front to back. Completed in 2006, the design takes advantage of the slope, sun orientation, and views.

The home is 3 stories high, with the full 3 stories revealed on the downhill/north/view side, and only the top story revealed on the uphill/south/street side. The lowest level has 2 bedrooms and a sitting room for visiting family, the middle level the living room, dining room, kitchen, and a deck facing the view. This level and the top level have large windows facing the view to the north, where there will be little direct sun. The entry and garage are between the middle and top levels. The top level has a study and Master suite. The study is constructed as a bridge over the level below.

The home has a radiant slab at the lowest level and is plumbed and wired for a future solar thermal system, which will consist of evacuated tube solar panels and underground water tanks to store heat. The highly efficient collectors can heat the stored water throughout the cooling season, so it can be released to the radiant slab in the heating season. The slab at the lowest level is the primary heating source, with the heat rising through the open upper levels.