Harris Ranch Mixed-use Development Boise, Idaho

Under the direction of development manager, LeNir LTD, McKibben + Cooper provided local leadership for a multidisciplinary design team including Belt Collins (Hawaii) Planning, RIM Architects (Hawaii), RiveRidge Engineering, Jensen Belts Landscape Architects, and others, on this 1,400 acre mixed-use development in the Barber Valley that will eventually include 2,800 residential units, 1.1 million square feet of commercial space, 700 acres of preserved open space, a public elementary school and pedestrian and transit pathways over a 15 year buildout.

The 15-month design process was conducted in an extremely open fashion and began with a series of charrettes conducted by the design team and attended by 7 neighborhood groups and many public agencies and nonprofits. The final product is the first application to conform to the City of Boise's "Specific Plan" ordinance, and includes project-specific zoning that will be adopted by the City.

In addition to working with the team to plan the project, McKibben and Cooper established block prototypes to guide development of each block, created the mix of allowed uses, and wrote and illustrated Commercial Design Guidelines for the commercial and multifamily portions of the project.